Innovations and new technology in the manufacturing domain is a constant feature of this industry. Companies can no longer design and manufacture a product, and sit back while customers buy them. Manufacturing organizations need to be highly in sync with their clients’ requirements and demands, which in turn are always changing to keep up with the markets and their own demands. Manufacturing industries need to adapt, update, and upgrade their services to meet customer needs. Technology is a key enabler to help organizations meet this goal.

Besides the use of specialized design software, electronic equipment, and computer controlled machines, IT can play a huge role in increasing the overall sales and success of an organization. Digital technology can be used to reach out to a wider client base. It can be used to analyze and improve industrial procedures, while reducing costs. It can also help organizations remain compliant with Government regulations.

CNE Systems provides the tools and solutions that organizations require to stay ahead of the competition. Our IT and business models can help clients grow their businesses, and prosper in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Our Offerings

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing has to deal with high material costs and rapidly changing technologies. At CNE, we help our clients by offering services that can be used across the manufacturing value chain. We provide technology solutions to enhance engineering and production processes. We work with our clients to reduce the building and upgrading costs of their enterprise systems. Our services include:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise Architecture, Application and Security services
  • Industrial Automation and Process Control
  • Analytics and Information Management
  • Dealer Management
  • Business Process Management

Logistics Management

Logistics management is a key pillar of this industry. Whether you are transporting manufacturing materials and components, or fully manufactured vehicles, you require a sound logistics infrastructure to ensure that goods and products are delivered safely, and on time. At CNE, we support our clients by providing logistics management solutions to ease the stress of resource collation, transportation, and delivery. Clients can monitor the various consignments in real time, and track their progress till they are delivered. We offer the following solutions for the auto sector.

  • Logistics Management :
  •             * Inventory Reports
  •             * Master Data Management
  •             * Vehicle Delivery Monitoring
  •             * Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  •             * Transport Management Systems (TMS)
  •             * Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

CNE Value Proposition

IT Platform Transformation

Strong technology capabilities help clients completely transform their IT framework. IT solutions help increase an organization’s value and business.

Client Experience

Multiple interface points that allow clients’ customers to keep in touch with the client organization, and be up-to-date with latest developments. Customers are provided superior service, leading to positive customer experiences.

Supply Chain

An enhanced supply chain will result in cost efficiencies, and a greater impact on customers in new markets.

After Sales Services

Greater profits will be received due to better organization of damaged goods, repair processes, and product delivery.

Enhanced Manufacturing Processes

Improvement in product development and completion margins. Reduction in time to market for new products.


Customers will find an increase in analytics efficiency, reduction in TCOs and maintenance costs, as well as an increase in service quality. The overall time to market will also be reduced significantly.