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Real estate is often considered a relationship business. Indeed, the markets for commercial, multifamily and residential real estate could not function without networks of human professionals who have built trust working with each other over many years.

Agents who relied on pen and paper or static Excel spreadsheets can now access real-time information in cloud-hosted databases, and collaborate more effectively with colleagues based on a common system of record. In addition, workflow automation software is making agents more efficient by eliminating the need for repetitive tasks that they previously did manually. Ultimately, these tools save agents time and their parent firms money, leading to leaner and more profitable businesses.

CNE Real Estate is an all-in-one system that real estate agents and brokers use to help manage their businesses. It assists them with managing clients, following up on leads, and handling email marketing. The software contains numerous planning and time management features such as document management and goal planning. It is cloud based and it works from any browser or mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It works on MAC and PC and it integrates itself with customers' websites, which makes it easy and convenient for real estate agents who need to spend their working hours on their companies.

We help establishing new start up real estate agents.

1)       Existing Real Estate Agents:

  • How long would it take in Uploading new property listings to all the free real estate directories? Putting together outstanding sellers advertising accounts? Creating the sales consultant commission/expenses sheet? Resizing high resolution pictures? Organising management reports? Sending out letters?
  • A day? Two days?
  • As a real estate CRM cloud platform, our web-based solution, means it takes minutes - if not seconds - to perform these tasks, not days.

2)       Startup Real Estate Agents:

  • Congratulations, you have decided to go out and start your own real estate business! It’s an incredibly exciting time taking charge of your own destiny, but it can be a little daunting trying to organise the setup and manage your cash flow. How do you make the right decisions to give you the quickest and best chance of success? Here at CNE, we have been a one stop shop for over the years, helping people start their own real estate office. Trusted by our team of real estate agents for over a decade.

3)       Websites for Real Estate Agents:

  • Real estate websites aren't like other websites and we aren't like other website designers. We only design real estate sites.
  • That's because we have 25 years' experience on the ground in real estate, so we know what works and what doesn't.
  • Combine that sort of practical experience with the best software developers around and you get a website that not only draws buyers and sellers in, but also makes life a whole lot easier for you.


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