Customized Solutions for Education

At CNE, we rise to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving educational landscape that includes new technologies, new education business models. With the goal of promoting effective learning, teaching and educational administration, we assist institutions to develop targeted software solutions that engage students, ease processes, ensure transparency and facilitate student success while keeping to a tight budget. We create solutions that work by blending the institution’s ideas and goals with our expertise and services. Our experienced staff includes full time design, development, and analysis departments. Customized software can be tailor-made for an individual institution or for a group.

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10CC Science Club

  • Our feature-rich well-received product in the
  • Education space.
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The Big Picture

We have the big picture understanding and deep domain expertise to help educational institutions really gauge the state of their education systems, to know what they need to change and to invest their limited resources most effectively to produce the results they desire.

We assist them in addressing the following:

  • Where they should deploy their resources
  • How to manage their information systems
  • What to prioritise to do within the funding available

Consultancy For Education And ERP

We assist them in addressing the following:

  • Education process management
  • Education process automation
  • Skill development and training
  • Policy briefs and white papers

Customized Solutions For Education

We assist them in addressing the following:

  • Custom application development
  • Application migration
  • Application maintenance
  • Application integration

Digital & Mobile Learning

Anytime, Anywhere

Build effective, sustainable programs that can increase student achievement. Ask us and find the answers and best practices you need to drive academic success through digital learning.
Mobile devices enables us to get an instant access to information anytime, anywhere. Mobile learning takes place with the use of any portable, connected device, untethering learners from classrooms, desks, and schools altogether.